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  • ZS系列圆形振荡筛

    ZS series circular vibrating screen

    Brief description: ZS series circular oscillating screen is composed of hopper, oscillation chamber, coupling, and motor. The oscillation chamber is composed of an eccentric wheel, rubber software, a main shaft, and a bearing. The adjustable eccentric weight is driven by the motor to the centerline of the spindle, which generates centrifugal force in an unbalanced state, which changes the strength of the material and forms an orbital vortex in the screen. The amplitude of the hammer regulator can be adjusted according to different materials and screens.

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  • FS系列方形振荡筛

    FS series square vibrating screen

    Brief introduction: FS series square vibrating screen is composed of three parts: screen box, vibration source and shock absorber. The base and the screen box are connected with 4-6 sets of soft rubber shock absorbers that are fixed up and down, and the centrifugal force is generated when the machine is turned on. The amplitude has eccentric blocks and the shock absorbers are controlled accordingly, so as to achieve the required work performance and make the material have a shock And loose sieving process.

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