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  • 酒精回收塔

    Alcohol recovery tower

    Brief description: The alcohol recovery tower device uses highly efficient ceramic corrugated packing. The distillation column body is made of stainless steel, which prevents the iron filings from blocking the packing and prolongs the service life of the device. All parts of the equipment in this device that come into contact with alcohol, such as condensers, pressure tanks, cooling coils, etc., are made of stainless steel to ensure that the finished alcohol is not polluted.

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  • CG系列成形机

    CG series forming machine

    Brief introduction: the forming machine series can be divided into slot forming machine, horizontal extrusion molding machine, roll granulator. Different types have different uses and performance advantages.

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  • TJG固定提升加料机

    TJG fixed lifting feeder

    Brief description: TJG series fixed lifting feeder consists of two parts, namely the elevator and the base. The hoist consists of a frame, a hydraulic hoisting system and a door turning mechanism. When working, firstly fasten the material door of the hoist to the material barrel, start the lifting operation lever, the material door and the material barrel rise together, and start the flip operation rod, the material barrel can be turned 180 degrees, and the bottom barrel moves upward and moves To the desired position, use the discharge butterfly valve on the material door, ...

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  • 不锈钢贮罐、配制罐

    Stainless steel storage tank, preparation tank

    Brief description: Stainless steel storage tanks and preparation tank series containers are suitable for thick / thin blending in the pharmaceutical industry. The tank body is equipped with an interlayer, which can be heated and cooled, and the inner surface is polished by electrolytic mirror. Press processing, in accordance with GMP standards, the mixing device adopts sanitary mechanical seals, the container is insulated by polyurethane or pearl cotton, and the interface adopts international standard quick-release clamp type, which is convenient and hygienic. Watanabe is subjected to spinning processing ...

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  • ZSL-Ⅲ系列真空上料机

    ZSL-Ⅲ Series Vacuum Feeder

    Brief introduction: ZSL-Ⅲ series vacuum loader is the third generation of new vacuum loader newly developed by our company. It has fast loading speed, long service life, convenient operation, cleanliness and hygiene, and meets the "GMP" .

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