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  • ZKH(V)系列混合机

    ZKH (V) series mixer

    Brief introduction: ZKH (V) series mixer has a unique structure of mixing cylinder, high mixing efficiency, no dead angle, stainless steel material for the cylinder body, polished internal and external walls, beautiful appearance, uniform mixing, and wide use. This machine is used for mixing dry materials in medicine, chemical, food, metallurgy and other industries.

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  • SZH系列双锥混合机

    SZH series double cone mixer

    Brief introduction: SZH series double cone mixers feed powder or granular materials into the double cone container by vacuum conveying or manual feeding. With the continuous rotation of the capacity, the materials are subjected to complex impact movements in the container to achieve uniform mixing. This machine saves energy, convenient operation, low labor intensity and high work efficiency. This machine is suitable for mixing powdery and granular materials in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, building materials and other industries.

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  • DSH系列双螺旋锥形混合机

    DSH series double spiral cone mixer

    Brief introduction: DSH series double spiral cone mixer is a new type, high efficiency, high precision mixing equipment, widely used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, feed and other industries for mixing various powdery materials. The machine has a set of motor and cycloidal pin gear reducer to complete its rotation. It adopts two-screw asymmetrical stirring, which makes the material mixing range large, the mixing speed is fast, the contrast is very different, and the larger mixing material is more suitable.

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  • EYH系列二维运动混合机

    EYH series two-dimensional motion mixer

    Brief description: The two-dimensional mixer is mainly composed of three parts: a rotating drum, a swing frame and a rack. The drum is mounted on a swing frame, supported by four rollers and axially positioned by two blocking wheels. Among the four supporting rollers, two of the transmission wheels are dragged by the rotating power system to cause the drum to rotate. The swing frame is driven by a set of crank and swing mechanism. The crank and swing mechanism is on the frame. The swing frame is supported by the bearing assembly on the frame ...

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  • SYH系列三维运动混合机

    SYH series three-dimensional motion mixer

    Brief description: Due to the multi-directional movement of the mixing barrel, the SYH series three-dimensional motion mixer makes the materials in the barrel have multiple cross-mixing points, high mixing effect, uniformity of more than 99.9%, and a large loading factor of 0.9 (general Mixer is 0.4 ~ 0.6), short mixing time and high efficiency. The mixing barrel of this machine has a unique body shape design. The inner wall of the barrel is finely polished, no dead corners, no pollutants, convenient discharge, cleaning ...

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  • WLDH系列卧式螺带混合机

    WLDH series horizontal ribbon mixer

    Brief description: WLDH series horizontal ribbon mixer is composed of a container, spiral stirring blades and transmission parts; spiral blades are generally made into two or three layers, the outer spiral gathers materials from both sides to the center, and the inner spiral gathers materials Conveyed from the center to both sides, forming a convective mix. The volume can be made circular so that the jacket can be used for reaction and drying.

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  • CH系列槽形混合机

    CH series trough mixer

    Brief introduction: CH series trough mixer is used to mix powdery or wet materials, so that different proportions of main and auxiliary materials are evenly mixed. The contact between the machine and the material is made of stainless steel, the gap between the paddle and the barrel is small, and there is no dead angle in the mixing. The sealing device at both ends of the mixing shaft can prevent the material from leaking out. The hopper adopts the button jog control for convenient discharge. Widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries.

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  • WZ系列无重力混合机

    WZ series gravity-free mixer

    Brief introduction: The WZ series gravity-free mixer is characterized by strong and efficient mixing. The two agitators in the horizontal cylinder rotate at the same speed and reverse. The specially arranged paddles ensure radial, annular and axial three-way movement of the material. Form a compound cycle to achieve uniform mixing in a very short time.

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  • LTD系列犁刀式混合机

    LTD series coulter mixer

    Brief description: This model is composed of a transmission mechanism, a horizontal cylinder, a coulter, and a flying knife. The material acts as an axial flow support along the cylinder wall under the action of the coulter. When the material flows through the flying knife, it is rotated at a high speed. The flying knife is sprayed to achieve uniform mixing in a short time.

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