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  • RL系列熔融造粒机

    RL series melt granulator

    Brief description: The RL granulator uses the characteristics of the melting point of the material to be lower than 250 ° C, and according to the viscosity range of the material in the molten state, the molten liquid is evenly moved on the steel belt which moves at a uniform speed below the material. Under the cooling effect of the continuous spraying device provided below, the materials can be cooled, solidified, and packed in the process of transportation and transportation, so as to achieve the purpose of granulation and molding.

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  • GHL系列高速混合制粒机

    GHL series high speed mixing granulator

    Brief description: GHL series high-speed mixing granulator is made of powder materials and binders in a cylindrical container by the bottom mixing slurry to be fully mixed into a wet soft material, and then cut into uniform wet granules by a high-speed pulverizing paddle on the side. .

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  • FL FG系列立式沸腾制粒干燥机

    FL FG series vertical boiling granulating dryer

    Brief description: The principle of the FL FG series vertical boiling granulation dryer is that the material powder particles are in a circular fluidized state in the raw material container (fluidized bed). They are preheated and mixed by purified heated air to bond them. The agent solution is sprayed and sprayed, so that several particles are aggregated into agglomerates containing a binder. Due to the continuous drying of the material by hot air, the moisture in the agglomerates evaporates and the binder solidifies. This process is continuously repeated, and the shape ...

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  • ZLB系列旋转式制粒机

    ZLB series rotary granulator

    Brief description: ZLB type rotary granulator is mainly used in pharmaceutical, food, granule, chemical, solid beverage and other industries to make the stirred materials into the required granules, which is especially suitable for materials with high viscosity. All parts in contact with the material are made of stainless steel, with beautiful appearance, reasonable structure, high granulation molding rate, beautiful particles, automatic discharge, avoiding damage to the particles caused by manual discharge, and suitable for flow operation.

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  • YK系列摇摆式颗粒机

    YK series swing type granulator

    Brief introduction: YK series swing granulator is mainly used in the manufacture of granules of various specifications in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries. After drying, it is used to press various shaped products. The machine can also be used to crush and condense dry materials . The material contact area is made of stainless steel, which has the advantages of beautiful appearance, convenient cleaning, simple operation, and low energy consumption.

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  • GZL系列干法辗压造粒机

    GZL series dry rolling granulator

    Brief description: Extrusion granulation is a newer dry granulation process to produce compound fertilizer. Extrusion granulation is applied to potassium chloride granulation in the field of fertilizers. The granular (1-4mm) potassium chloride required for blending fertilizers (BB fertilizers) is basically produced by extrusion. In recent years, extrusion granulation for the production of compound fertilizers has developed rapidly in China.

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