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  • 碳酸锂干燥机工程

    Lithium carbonate dryer project

    Brief description: It is colorless monoclinic crystal or white powder. The density is 2.11g / cm3. Melting point is 723 ° C (1.013 * 10 ^ 5Pa). Soluble in dilute acid. Slightly soluble in water, the solubility in cold water is greater than in hot water. Insoluble in alcohol and acetone. Can be used to make ceramics, drugs, catalysts, etc. Commonly used lithium-ion battery raw materials.

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  • H酸旋转闪蒸干燥机工程

    H acid rotary flash dryer project

    Brief description: Our company has many years of production experience, and can use XZG rotary flash dryer and triple spiral mixer for continuous production.

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  • 氢氧化铝回转滚筒干燥机工程

    Aluminum hydroxide rotary drum dryer project

    Brief introduction: Aluminum hydroxide HZG rotary drum dryer is a highly mechanized drying equipment. The resistance of the fluid through the cylinder is small, the energy consumption is low, and the adaptability to the material is relatively strong.

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  • 活性碳带式干燥设备

    Activated carbon belt drying equipment

    Brief description: Due to the technical difficulties of small particles, easy floating, high-temperature drying, etc., there has been no suitable dryer for drying. I revitalize the drying technology department to address this technical gap, and independently developed activated carbon belt drying The equipment solves the difficulties of mesh belt leakage, material flying, etc. The belt drying equipment designed and manufactured by the revitalization drying company adopts a 13-stage drying section air circulation design ...

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  • 煤干粉旋转闪蒸干燥机工程

    Coal dry powder rotary flash dryer project

    Brief description: Our company has many years of production experience, and can use XZG rotary flash dryer for continuous production.

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  • ACR树脂压力式喷雾干燥塔

    ACR resin pressure spray drying tower

    Brief description: ACR resin properties: water content 37-40%, viscosity 2-7 centipoise, pH = 6-8, milky water emulsion, liquid solid content 45%. According to the above requirements for material drying, YPG-2000 pressure spray drying equipment is selected for continuous operation.

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  • 碳化硅干燥生产线

    Silicon Carbide Drying Production Line

    Brief description: Silicon carbide (SiC) is made of quartz sand, petroleum coke (or coal coke), and wood chips as raw materials through high temperature smelting. Silicon carbide also exists in nature as a rare mineral, moissanite. Silicon Carbide is also called Carborite. Among contemporary non-oxide high-tech refractory materials such as C, N, B, silicon carbide is a widely used and economical one. It can be called golden sand or refractory sand.

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  • 冰晶石干燥生产线

    Cryolite drying production line

    Brief description: Jiangsu Zhenxing Drying Equipment Co., Ltd .: Cryolite flash dryer is a new type of drying equipment developed by our factory based on the introduction and absorption of foreign advanced technology.

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  • 染料中间体专用闪蒸干燥机

    Dye intermediate flash dryer

    Brief description: Dye intermediates, also called intermediates, refer to various aromatic hydrocarbon derivatives used in the production of dyes and organic pigments. They are based on aromatics such as benzene, toluene, naphthalene and anthracene from coal chemical industry and petrochemical industry, and are prepared through a series of organic synthesis unit processes (see reaction process).

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  • 氟化钙离心喷雾塔

    Calcium fluoride centrifugal spray tower

    Brief description: This process first puts the original solution with a solid content of 11-12% into the "centrifugal spray tower" under the action of the pump, and quickly evaporates. Most of the products are discharged from the bottom of the mist tower through the discharge valve, and the rest The product enters the cyclone and sprays out. The high-temperature exhaust gas enters the "dust removal tower" under the action of high negative pressure, and the gas is discharged into the atmosphere through a high-pressure induced draft fan to complete the entire process. Product calcium chloride content in ...

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