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  • 虾皮专用带式干燥机

    Shrimp skin special belt dryer

    Brief description: Shrimp skin is rich in nutrition, known as "calcium warehouse", and it is an excellent calcium supplement at an affordable price. According to the literature, shrimp skin also has appetizers, phlegm and other effects. Shrimp skin has high nutritional value, good quality and low price, and is widely used. It can be soup, fried, stuffed, seasoned, shrimp skin tofu, shrimp skin canola, shrimp skin chives, shrimp skin shallot, shrimp skin radish soup, etc. Eat meals.

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  • 枸杞专用非标隧道烘箱

    Non-standard tunnel oven for wolfberry

    Brief introduction: The tunnel oven is a drying equipment dedicated to the drying of wolfberry. It is equipped with a special fan for revitalizing drying and an automatic temperature control system. The entire circulation system is completely closed. The heat utilization rate greatly improves the heat efficiency, which can reach about 50%. The oven adopts automatic temperature control and has high control accuracy. Inside the box is a special ...

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  • 酒曲专用XF沸腾干燥机工程

    XF Boiling Dryer Project for Jiuqu

    Brief description: After the air is heated and purified, it is introduced from the lower part by the induced draft fan and passed through the mesh plate of the hopper. In the working room, fluidization is formed by the action of stirring and negative pressure. After the water quickly evaporates, it is taken away by the exhaust, and the material is quickly dried. Performance characteristics

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  • 脱水蔬菜专用生产线

    Dehydrated vegetable production line

    Brief description: Dehydrated vegetable production line is a special-purpose drying production line researched and developed on the basis of traditional mesh belt dryers. It is widely used for dehydration and drying of various regional and seasonal vegetables and fruits.

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  • 鸡精(菇精)生产线

    Chicken Essence (Mushroom Essence) Production Line

    Brief introduction: As the second-generation compound condiment, chicken essence is delicious, convenient to use, and rich in nutrition. It is popular with the public, so the market prospect of chicken essence is very broad. However, in today's fierce market competition, how to produce high-quality chicken essence products has become a direction actively sought by manufacturers.

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  • 咸味香精生产线

    Salty flavor production line

    Brief description: The national light industry industry standard QB / T2640-2004 defines salty food flavors as "from one or more of the flavor components such as heat-reactive spices, food flavor compounds, spices (or extracts thereof) and edible A mixture of carriers and / or other food additives for flavoring savory foods. "

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  • 干脆面干燥生产线

    Crispy Noodle Drying Production Line

    Brief introduction: Jiangsu Zhenxing Drying Equipment Co., Ltd. has carried out technical cooperation with many instant noodle manufacturers and combined our company's years of drying equipment design experience to develop a special dryer for crispy noodles: 120,000 bales-300,000 bales. Production line. Simply noodles are not only aimed at the general student market, but also can be used as a new type of snack food, which can create a new profit growth path for instant noodle manufacturers. ...

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  • 木糖醇(木糖,麦芽糖醇,阿拉伯糖,赤藓糖醇,柠檬酸)干燥-冷却生产线

    Xylitol (xylose, maltitol, arabinose, erythritol, citric acid) drying-cooling production line

    Brief introduction: Jiangsu Zhenxing Drying Equipment Co., Ltd. is based on ^ 's process technology and rich practical experience, and continuously improves and innovates. The designed xylitol production line meets the requirements of users for producing high-quality sugar alcohols and becomes a functional sugar alcohol industry Well-known sugar alcohol drying equipment production and processing enterprises.

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