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  • 青翘烘干中药材专用生产线

    Qingqiao drying Chinese medicine special production line

    Brief introduction: Qingqiao drying Chinese herbal medicine special production line is a special drying production line researched and developed on the basis of traditional mesh belt dryer, which is suitable for Qingqiao and other various types of traditional Chinese medicine drying equipment.

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  • 粉煤灰三筒回转干燥机工程

    Fly Ash Three-cylinder Rotary Dryer Project

    Brief description: Fly ash three-cylinder rotary drying system is designed by Jiangsu Zhenxing Drying Equipment Co., Ltd. based on 21 years of production experience and is based on the characteristics of fly ash.

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  • 铁矿石三筒回转窑工程

    Iron ore three-cylinder rotary kiln project

    Brief description: Iron ore three-cylinder rotary kiln drying system includes crushing, screening, pulverized coal processing, coal injection machinery, roasting, cooling and other equipment.

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  • 腐植酸肥料闪蒸干燥机工程

    Humic acid fertilizer flash dryer project

    Brief description: Humic acid has a strong ion-exchange ability, a weakly acidic and chemically reactive substance for complexation.

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  • 黄沙干燥线

    Yellow sand drying line

    Brief description: First, the drying requirements of yellow sand drying line materials: drying yellow sand 60t / h, initial moisture 8%, final moisture ≤ 0.5%,

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  • 木薯烘干生产线

    Cassava drying production line

    Brief description: Cassava is one of the three major potatoes in the world and is widely cultivated in tropical and subtropical regions. In China's southern subtropical region, cassava is the fifth largest crop after rice, sweet potato, sugar cane and corn. It plays an important role in crop layout, feed production, industrial applications, etc., and has become the main processed starch and feed crop widely planted.

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  • 木粉专用气流干燥机

    Dedicated air dryer for wood flour

    Brief description: Air dryer is mainly used for drying wood flour and wood chips, etc. It is a necessary equipment for wood plastic industry. Because of the special characteristics of wood flour and other materials: light weight, flammable, explosive. Based on foreign advanced technology, Jiangsu Zhenxing Drying Equipment Co., Ltd., after years of theoretical research and engineering practice, has developed a special wood powder air dryer with fast drying speed, high drying intensity and short residence time.

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  • 大豆膳食纤维闪蒸干燥设备生产线

    Soybean dietary fiber flash drying equipment production line

    Brief description: Jiangsu Zhenxing Drying Equipment Co., Ltd. uses a high-end XSG rotary flash dryer to achieve efficient drying of soybean dietary fiber. At present, many cases have been applied to the international market.

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  • 木削粉专用XF-80B沸腾干燥机

    XF-80B boiling dryer for wood shavings

    Brief introduction: Box-type boiling dryer is also called horizontal fluidized bed dryer. Jiangsu Zhenxing Drying has been continuously improved and improved in the long-term application process, and has been widely used in the wood shaving industry.

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  • 褐煤三筒回转干燥机

    Lignite three-cylinder rotary dryer

    Brief description: Energy-saving drum drying technology and equipment researched and developed by Jiangsu Zhenxing Drying Equipment Co., Ltd. is a new technology for lignite drying

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