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Customer selection feedback form for drying equipment
Please fill in the form in detail so that our company can provide a careful selection recommendation
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1. Material name: Molecular formula: PH value:

2.The form of dry material: Fine powder Powder Granules Lump Flake Slurry
Filter cake Mushy Paste Solution Fibrous Emulsion Suspension

3. Other characteristics of the material: Flammability Explosive Agglomeration Odor other:

4.Name of the evaporated medium: Molecular formula: PH value:
Boiling point of the evaporated medium: ℃; do you need to recycle: yes ,no

5. Initial moisture content of the material: %; Which contains crystal water:
Required moisture content after drying: %; Remaining crystallization water:

6. Material initial temperature: ℃ ; Required temperature after drying: ℃. Whether to use cooling collection: Yes ,no

7.The highest temperature that the material can withstand: ℃; The optimal temperature range when the material is dry:

8.Softening temperature of materials: ℃; melting point of materials:

9. Specific heat of materials: KJ / kg. ℃; thermal conductivity of material: KJ / m 2 .h. ℃

10.True density of materials: kg / m 3 , bulk density of material: kg / m 3

11.Material size distribution range: mm (mesh) to mm (mesh); proportional content ≥ %
Of which: maximum granularity mm (mesh); proportional content ≥ %
Minimum granularity: mm (mesh); proportional content ≥ %

12.Required particle size requirements of the finished product after drying: mm (mesh)

13.Viscosity in the original state of the material: Centipoise (cp); whether heating reduces mouth viscosity: yes ,no

14. Can the shape of the material be damaged during drying: Yes No

15.Product output after drying: kg / h (or wet material handling capacity: kg / h)

16.Drying method requirements: Continuous drying, Dry gap, Dynamic drying, Static drying,
Hot air drying, Vacuum drying, Microwave drying, other:

17.The past drying method of materials or similar products:
Desired dryer model:

18.Air inlet requirements: Natural wind, 300,000 filters, 100,000 levels of filtration, 10,000 level filtration, others:

19.Material requirements of users for drying equipment: Material contact is stainless steel, Full stainless steel, Titanium,
Aluminum alloy, Carbon steel, Glass lined, PTFE, other:

20.Stainless steel model: SUS304, SUS321, SUS316, SUS316L, SUS2235,

21. Material recovery rate requirements: ≥ %; Dust emission requirements: ≤ mg / nm3;
Waste gas environmental protection emission requirements: ≤ mg / nm3; maximum allowable discharge requirements for waste water and waste liquid ≤ mg / L

22. The heat medium and heat source used in the drying process: hot water ℃; steam Mpa; Thermal oil
Electric heating , Coal-fired hot air stove , Fuel hot air stove , Gas hot blast stove ,other:

23. Heat medium and heat source: bring your own Purchase separately , Supporting procurement ,other:

24. Equipment cleaning and sanitation requirements:

25. Equipment use place: ,altitude: ,humidity: Maximum temperature: ,
lowest temperature: , Annual average temperature: ,other:

26. Budget investment in purchase equipment (RMB): Ten thousand yuan

27. Other requirements:
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