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Selection of crushing equipment

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Customer selection feedback form for crushing equipment
Please fill in the form in detail so that our company can provide a careful selection recommendation
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1. Material name: Molecular formula:
2. Bulk density of materials kg / m3; true density kg / m3; PH value

3. Melting point of the material ℃; maximum withstand temperature:

4. Minimum Mohs hardness of materials: ; Moisture content of the material: %

5. Feeding size distribution range of materials mm (mesh) to mm (mesh); proportional content ≥ %;
Of which: maximum granularity mm (mesh); proportional content ≥ %;
Minimum granularity mm (mesh); proportional content ≥ %

6. Finished particle size requirements: mm (mesh); proportional content ≥ %

7. Finished product output KG / H ( T / D)

8. Production method: continuous production Gap production

9. Material requirements for equipment:

10. Requirements for dust emission or environmental protection of equipment:

11. Cleaning and hygiene requirements for equipment:

12. Budget investment for purchasing equipment (RMB): Ten thousand yuan

13. Other requirements:
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